Vegan Diet

What is a vegan diet? A vegan diet is derived from eating no animal based food, in other words, no flesh, no animal secretions like milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs, butter and no honey. There are junk food vegan diets out there but I am talking about the healthier, whole food plant based vegan diet, with a high micro nutrient density the one we can all thrive on.

As you increase your nutrient density in your food, you have less hunger, less cravings, less over eating and better health. Just eat your healthy vegan diet as much as you want and don’t count calories because the quality of the food is far more important than the quantity and eat till you are satisfied, then stop.

As well as being a better diet for the animals, it is a better diet for our bodies and for the planet,

Obviously a vegan diet is better for the animals because it is a diet with no cruelty, where we don’t have to torture, confine, abuse and murder them unnecessarily. Why would you eat animals when you don’t have to, when in fact you can positively thrive without them.

A vegan diet gives you more energy because there is more fibre in plants and that makes plants easier to break down in the gut. Using less energy to break down your food means you have more energy to go about your daily living, to repair and renew your tissues, sharpen your focus and recover faster from injuries and training.  As the fibre passes through your gut it is like a broom sweeping it clean, reducing the chances of you acquiring colon cancer.

People find it hard to believe that you can be a weight lifter on a vegan diet. Where do you get your protein is the first question people ask. The biggest mammals on the planet, the blue whale, the elephant, the cow, the horse, the hippopotamus, the giraffe and many more are all vegans and they are long living animals compared to the carnivors so where do they get their protein from? There is much research to show that plant based eating is the way to go if you want to avoid heart attack, stroke, diabetes, cancer and you also want to live a long and healthy life.

Getting lean on a vegan diet is easier than when you are eating meat, dairy and eggs because there is no fibre and low amounts of healthy carbohydrates in the animal products but lots of calories so it is harder to get your nutrition and you end up being unsatisfied and putting weight on. When you just eat less of your animal products to try to lose weight, you just get hungrier and then you want to binge and you put any weight you have lost back on in a very short time.

Exercise is not a necessity in order to lose weight, although it is a healthy thing to do, the most important thing you need to lose weight is, eat a nutrient dense plant based diet and the weight will come off easily and quickly. If you did not exercise at all but still ate right you would lose with little effort.

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