The Mouth’s Role In Chronic Diseases

3 billion bacteria pass from the mouth to the stomach on a daily basis so the health of the mouth is very important.

Streptococcus can get into the blood stream from the mouth and cause rheumatoid heart disease and destroy the heart valves.

Route canals are performed when the initial tooth infection has got so deep into the route of the tooth and the dentist will clear out all the pulp inside the cavity before they put the new filling in.

Root canals are the bread and butter of most dentists but what they don’t seem to realize is the damage it can cause because of the continual slow leaching of pathogens from the rout canal into the blood stream. They are always chronically infected but you don’t feel it because all the nerves of the teeth are dead but the bacteria is alive.The white blood cells are outside the cavity trying to kill the bacteria that are inside but they cant reach them. While those white blood cells are continually busy trying to kill these bacteria it detracts from any other bacterial invasions that might occur, reducing the immune system.

Dentists don’t understand that there are pathogens in the route canal and they just finish the procedure leaving a potential disease causing situation. No other procedure leaves a dead body part in the body except for route canals.

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