Soil Health for Human Survival

Soil health is so vital because everything on our planet comes from the soil so it makes sense to look after it. Franklin D Roosevelt said “A Nation that destroys its soil destroys itself” and that is exactly what we are doing

Poisoning Our Food Supply Through The Soil Health

We eat food that comes directly or indirectly out of the soil so the two are intrinsically linked

Large commercial growers are not concerned with soil health because it conflicts with making quick money. In fact, we are poisoning our food and our soil and virtually trashing our food producing ecosystems. The pesticides, herbicides and insecticides they spray on the plants is causing cancers, heart problems and all kinds of chronic diseases. We need regenerative agriculture to sustain soil health and prevent a global disaster. Soil health is not a choice that we can perhaps perform in the future it is something that we have to start right now.

Modern Farming Increases Carbon in The Atmosphere

The modern farming increases carbon in the atmosphere actually causing more carbon to be released rather than keeping it in the soil. We complain about the carbon dioxide causing global warming and we are the ones making it worse, which is short sighted destructive behavior that only depletes soil health.

Keep The Carbon In The Soil

 All we have to do to keep carbon in the soil is to keep the soil covered and protected from the elements because that keeps the nutrients in the soil. Instead of digging up the weeds and exposing the soil, grow a cover crop and when the time comes to plant you either cut the cover crop down and leave it where it falls and plant the next crop through it or you can crimp (which means mowing the cover crop down) and plant through that, either way, soil health is preserved and carbon is sequestered into the soil.

Soil Health With Carbon Management

Carbon management is where the soil is always protected from the elements and chemicals on the plants are replaced with a natural method of pest control like they used before the 2nd world war. Everything that was grown was organic back then and organic was not a word because it was just the norm. Our ancestors were eating far less chemicals in their food and because of the soil health there was also much more nutrition in the food so they were better off than we are today.

Chemicals on our crops are not just detrimental to the soil health but also devastating to our pollinaters, the bees, butterflies, insects and other plants that support our crops ecosystem. Once the polenaters are gone we will have to use a brush and go round polenating the plants by hand.

GMO’s Poison The Planet

GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) are the most devastating frankenfood  ever invented that decimates the land and soil health for generations to come. We are poisoning ourselves, while poisoning the planet if we don’t buy organic. Our children are increasingly being struck down with cancer, neurological disorder and obesity at a younger and younger age. Everyday people are eating more and more poison in their food and they think they are wealthy because they have investments somewhere.

Chemical Agriculture is Toxic Agriculture

We are using so much pesticides on our crops that super weeds are now developing and the industry has to use more and more toxic chemicals to get rid of those super weeds that they created in the first place. Soil health is not a consideration any more, just like overuse of antibiotics is causing antibiotic resistance, the GMO’s are causing super weeds that are resistant to the herbicides and pesticides.

Top soil is being eroded faster than it can be replaced so we must seriously consider soil health if we want to survive as a species..

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