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This book can get you feeling better in 3 weeks even if its been years since you felt good.
Do you know what to do if you keep catching infections? Do you know how to improve your memory? Do you know if you have any heavy metals in your organs and how to get rid of them? Do you know why deep sleep is every bit as important as eating good food?
Learn the answers to these questions and take action on the information and watch your energy pick up and your symptoms shrink or even disappear all together. Learn how you have the confidence in knowing that degeneration does not have to happen to you and you can live to your full genetic potential without getting ill.
If the medical establishment can’t help you, then you have to learn how to take responsibility for your own health. Eating trans-fats and processed food and using lots of chemicals in our everyday living is not conducive to good health. Think about it. Do you think heavy metals like lead, arsenic, mercury, metals that surround us every day are going to enhance the way the body works?

This book shows you ways of looking at the human body in a logical way. If you put lemonade in your car engine you wouldn’t expect it to be able to run very well yet we do things to our body all the time and then say “why me” when it goes wrong. There is a reason for every symptom and this book will make you think deeper as to what that reason might be and give you strategies to overcome them.

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