Oral Health 2D X-Rays V 3D X-Rays

My intention to maintain my oral health took me on a recent visit to my biological dentist during a procedure to take out two tiny bits of mercury that had been left behind by a previous sloppy dentist I discovered that there is a plot afoot to maintain the status quo. There are two types of X-ray machines, the normal one that everyone knows blasts you with radiation and there is a 3D X-ray machine that gives off much less radiation.

Not only is the 3D X-ray machine much less dangerous but it can view your teeth, jawbone important nerves and blood vessels in 3D. It helps with diagnosis of oral conditions that cannot always be seen with the normal 2D X-ray such as tooth infections at the end of the root canal. The 3D machine can also be used for planning complicated dental procedures.

At £140,000 for a 3D machine you have to be a dentist who is serious about oral health to get one of those. Imagine my surprise when my dentist told me that you can’t just visit your dentist and ask for a 3D X-ray, you have to have a normal or 2D X-ray first. That is the law according to the Dental Association. So in order to pursue your oral health and get what you want, if you want a 3D X-ray you have to pay twice. What kind of logic is that. Why would you not just get rid of the old X-ray machine completely because you have a much better updated version that exposes you to less radiation that is also safer for the customers. That is like having a colour TV and wanting a black and white one.

Maybe the Dental Association are just resistant to change. I can understand that. The infrastructure is in place for the old X-ray machines and to scrap them just like that would lose them a lot of money. Ahh there we go, it’s money again. When ever something does not make sense just follow the money and you will soon see things really clearly.

I was prepped for my procedure with the glasses and the oxygen over the nose and then the dentist and the dental assistant put on these gas masks. I wondered what was happening and why they were getting ready for a gas attack. surely those things didn’t happen nowadays.

My dentist is exceptional, that’s why he is my dentist. The average dentist will expose himself and his dental assistant to mercury vapour day in and day out and wonder why they have a high rate of depression and infertility within their profession. They just believe all the bull they are told by the Dental Association that mercury is safe. If its so safe then why do they have to dispose of it separately from the other waste and why do they have to have rubber gloves and a rubber mask (inadequate when it comes to keeping the mercury out of your body) and use a separate disposal bin, which is too toxic to go into land fill and too toxic to get flushed down the drain.

I think my dentist is fantastic because he has done his research and got some additional education so that he can really help his patients. Its not as if he gets any help from his profession, more like hindrance. He cant do this and he cant do that and you have to do it this way, not that way, purely because these people want to keep the gravy train going and don’t want to admit that they have some huge, gaping flaws in the dental training. They still teach students at the dental schools to use mercury and flouride.When your oral health is important you can end up paying quite a lot of money.

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