How Gluten Affects the Gut

Lets talk about gluten and how it affects your gut lining and how that has ramifications throughout your body.

What is gluten? its a protein found in wheat. Other grains also have gluten but they are known by a different name. They all affect us. Glutenin and gliadin are the two main components of the gluten found in wheat. When you eat gluten it affects your gut lining no matter who you are. It causes the gap junctions, which are the gaps in between the cells in the gut lining to open up and allow the contents to spill into the blood before it is ready so that you get undigested food in the blood circulating all over the body.

Everybody is affected this way. It causes inflammation which is the bodily response to damage. Those people who have no symptoms think that everything is ok and that is because within a few hours it has all healed up and they don’t notice any symptoms. The thing is because wheat has been modifies by man so much from its original form that the human body no longer recognizes it as food. We can’t break it down. After eating our first meal of gluten it heals quite quickly within 3 hours or so then we have another meal of gluten and then that heals and so on.

Decade after decade we continue to damage our gut lining until eventually it stops healing and then we develop visible symptoms such as celiac, gluten sensitivity, alzheimers, joint pain and many more.

Every cell in the body can be affected, it depends on what your weakest link is and the reason you get the symptoms is because as the body attacks the gluten, it also attacks other cells such as your thyroid or your adrenals (depending on your weakest link) because of molecular mimickry. Molecular mimickry is where the body gets confused between gluten and the cells of the body so it will attack them both.

This is how it works. You eat gluten, your white blood cells see it as a threat to the body and increase their numbers to fight it off. As it fights it off it gets confused with the other cells in the body and also attacks them. Gluten is very similar to the thyroid gland cells and often will cause the thyroid gland to be attacked. But as I mentioned before any cell in the body could be in danger of attack including the brain (depression) (alzheimers), your joints (arthritis).


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