Gut Health

Gut health determines the health of the whole body

Gut health is the most important thing to look at in the body because everything stems from there. Your food starts in your mouth and feeds every part of your body so the diseases we get start in the gut. There is a strong connection between depression and what we feed ourselves.

Consider the toxins that our body has to deal with. Our liver is the filter and it is designed to clean out all the heavy metals, chemicals, hormone disruptors and render them harmless otherwise our gut health can get into serious trouble causing an array of diseases. With the rise in chemicals that flood our lives, the wi-fi that ionizes our cells we need to be much more vigilant.

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We are a tube open to the elements from the mouth to the anus so when we consider any health issues we start at the beginning, in the mouth. Three billion microbes are shared from the mouth to the gut every day, according to an holistic dental practitioner called Mark Burhenne. The bacteria in the mouth can get into the blood stream and affect the heart causing endocarditis. 80% of chronic diseases start with problems in the mouth according to Johnathon Landsman. Don’t let this information scare you because the body is so amazing that the natural lysozyme (like a bleach) in the mouth will normally be the first line of defense against these microbes so the body has its own natural defenses and can cope with a certain amount and strength of microbes.

Our job is to help the body to improve our gut health and do what it does best by doing the following:-

1. minimizing the amount of harmful microbes that we expose ourselves to like washing hands after using the toilet.

2. making sure that we keep our immune system strong by feeding it appropriate food and exercising to keep it lively and efficient. Lively and efficient means that your immune system is robust and can differentiate between self and non-self so that it does not attack the human cells causing an auto immune disorder and also that it does not start an immune reaction to harmless things like a peanut, where the body thinks the peanut is a dangerous toxin.

3. making sure that we get enough rest, repair and recuperation so sleep is just as important as what we eat.

4. minimize electromagnetic exposure because that can interfere with how your body works and electromagnetic energy can increase your fasting blood sugar.

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