Avoid Tap Water

Ever wondered if the water that you are drinking is good for you? Water is so crucial to our life and we are 70% water so the better the quality of the water we drink, the healthier we will be.

Water is the most important resource in the world.

We need water for every cell in our body to work at its best. Water helps to detoxify the body and clean out the toxins. Water facilitates the kidneys to work so that the kidneys can filter our blood and maintains our potassium, calcium, sodium, phosphate etc. so that we don’t get bloated legs and also regulates our blood pressure, blood volume, blood glucose and blood pH so that we don’t get strokes, heart attacks, diabetes and a myriad of other diseases that we give to ourselves. So as you can see water is very, very important and it has the capacity to actually reverse arthritis, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, constipation, blood sugar, kidney stones and many more degenerative diseases.

Tap water is a really risky liquid to drink without a filter because of the lime-scale, pharmaceutical drugs, chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, chemicals.

When your next door neighbour takes their digitalis medication for their heart or takes a contraception and then uses the toilet, that slush will get sent to the sewage system to get cleaned but the sewage system was never designed to clean out pharmaceuticals. Water filters are not designed to clean out pharmaceuticals either unless you have got the money to pay £40,000 for a really strong filter.

All the drugs that your neighbours take inadvertently end up in you unless you are using a distiller or a reverse osmosis filter. These two machines will clean out 99.9% of solutes and they produce the purest water.

The disadvantage of the distilling machine is that the natural minerals in the water are also taken out together with all the toxins so the minerals need to be added back in. You can add a touch of Himalayan salt back to the water to make it mineral rich again.

Flouride is the unprocessed industrial by-product of the fertilizer industry and it is not a nutrient.  There are 52 studies looking at the effect of flouride on the IQ of children and how it is tanking their IQ. Go to fluoride action network and listen to the videos on the Fan tv section.

Just because the water coming out of the tap has been treated, does not mean that it is safe or that it is free of heavy metals like lead or arsenic in the water.


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